About Journal of Health Management

The Journal of Health Management is a quarterly, peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary publication that publishes articles on research in health policy, health management, health systems and program strategies and related areas.

It is committed to publishing scholarly empirical and academic research articles that have a high impact in the areas of health management, health policy research and planning, strategies, health systems management research, health care innovation and program interventions and related matters.

It offers policy makers, academics, governmental and non-governmental organizations, development partners and the health care professionals, an international forum that combines cutting edge research based evidence for policy and program strategies in health care. In addition to publishing original articles the journal encourages submission of abstracts and book reviews pertinent to the health sector development.

The focus of the journal is to stimulate debates on improving management of health care and share knowledge for betterment of health of people in developing countries. The journal also publishes relevant research work from the developed nations for learning lessons in developing countries. Manuscripts are welcomed in this journal with a broader spectrum as long as they advance knowledge and understanding of health sector giving it an eclectic global flavour.

The Journal of Health Management serves a unique and an excellent platform for people interested in developing and contributing knowledge in management research in the health sector in a scientific and a logical manner for sharing and dissemination with a global and regional perspective.

While there are several journals in the field of management and some in the field of health (including evaluation, policy, and social sciences), there is no journal focusing exclusively on health management and policy. Although most journals address scholars, there is a dearth of journals which are scholarly in their depth but address reflective practitioners as well as other concerned persons. The Journal of Health Management proposes to fill this gap. The Journal of Health Management is designed as a forum for exploring major issues of health policy and health management (including population and family welfare) in developing countries with a view to assisting the better implementation of desired changes. It caters to the needs of health policy-makers, health managers, reflective practitioners and action-oriented researchers. A refereed publication, the Journal of Health Management carries carry articles and other material which are based primarily on first-hand experience and empirical research and those which reflect the latest thinking. The journal seeks contributions from multiple perspectives and various disciplines and will be jargon-free, as far as possible.

This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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Journal of Health Management is available electronically on SAGE Journals Online at http://jhm.sagepub.com